I quit

I quit.

Too many times we act out of fear and not out of

Compassion, Love

Self-confidence, Courage

Inner strenght, Trust, Faith?! There are many names…

I quit my job to embrace the unknown, new challenges. It was not easy. I loved the company [TravelPerk] but I was not living the life I wanted to live.

Last year I turned 30. That was the tipping point. What do I want to do with my life?

Then my partner and I decided to go on a sabbatical to Japan, to train martial arts for 4 months.

Zoom out.

The physical and mental distance made me reflect on many things. Amongst them how my job was consuming my life, my partnership, my freedom and my health.

Being my own manager, free-lancing, has always been something that attracted me. Autonomy, flexibility, shaping your work around your life and not the other way around.

In Japan I was working with a Shaman to discover what I really wanted in life. And when you start creating the energy and the space of your WHAT, curiously the universe can listen and respond.

Opportunities started to appear out of nowhere. I knew that a new chapter had begun.

Still, I was afraid. To let go, and step into that black whole. With barely 2000€ in my bank account it was risky to just quit. I could easily go back and wait some more time, to have a cushion of savings. Every day I was considering the pros and cons.

The most important thing that I learned from that period (which was 2 months ago) is to have faith. Focusing on all the stuff that I CAN do rather than on all the problems that MIGHT appear. Trusting myself to look forward and not breaking down in front of every obstacle.

Letting myself be guided by my intuition and my goals and not by my limiting beliefs.

I started to document every step, from the moment I got my first client. (And all the worries and insecurities that came hand in hand with it.) To getting my second, third and fourth client in just 2 months.

I couldn’t believe it. A dream came true.

Still, I had to make the decision of going back or not. My team, my position, the knowledge I had about the company, the market, the product, the marketing, the perks, the private health insurance, etc…

I asked myself

How do I live the life I really want to live?

And then I knew the answer.

I quit.


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