Why we are not fucked. Corona, Coaching and why you should start dreaming big NOW


Why we are not fucked. Corona, Coaching and why you should start dreaming big NOW

“Imagine you have created this situation”, told me, my Shaman. “Why would you have created this situation? What projects have you been procrastinating? Which is the most exciting one you want to focus on now?”

The word crisis has two kanjis in Japanese. One means danger, the other opportunity. Which one are you choosing?

I made the promise to myself to always try to look at the bright side of things. Look at that half-full glass. Especially now, in a time that can be challenging for many of us.

Fewer companies are willing to invest in external marketing help because budgets are cut down. Most of my clients are ending their projects. The reason is the same: COVID19. So my income will probably go down significantly in April.

I had to move my stretching and meditation classes to the virtual realm. But you are competing with all the free resources out there.

Am I worried? No.

There are so many things that could happen, always. But that game is no fun to play. More exciting to me is, what new opportunities emerge from this crisis? What can I create out of this situation?

So I’m going to work with my shamanic coach and figure out a plan. And the plan has already started. Create my own coaching business. I was asked. “There are many coaches out there, what makes you different?”

I call my practice: shamanic coaching. Because I learned most of it from working with two shamans. I also got the official coaching certificate, etc. but the real work happened with the shaman. What I focus on is to help people transform themselves.

Dream bigger than you have ever dreamed before.

What if you could create this new life, this new reality in just months? I’ve seen true miracles with this technique and now I think is the best time to help people who are ready to make a big change in their lives to actually do it.

In one first session with one of my clients, she understood a groundlaying pattern to her suffering and from there on she could actually change the way she was hardwired. Resetting that belief that was conditioning her whole life until that moment. “I had years of therapy, and my therapist was unable to give me this introspection”.

For me that is magical. See how people can heal with one powerful question. See people transform, take control over their default life and start changing their reality. See how boundaries are breaking down, how facing your worst fears will help you overcome and master them. And how you can elevate your energy levels to nothing ever seen before.

This was an eye-opener. When I started to believe in miracles.

And now is the time to help others to do the same.

So if you feel this whole Corona crisis sucks, you can change your view on it today, even now. What exciting project could you be starting this week, that you have been delaying for years? If not now, then when?

Take control of your life, starting with your beliefs, your thoughts, and your words and actions.

Seek out someone who can help you in this process. Reach out if you need some guidelines. I’m happy to assist.

Become fearless,

become free,

become love, joy, happiness.


  1. Yessica Gonzalez says:

    Great article Sophie, I really like this philosophy 🙂 see the bright things this situation is bringing and all the good changes we will see when it ends!

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