How to find your Life´s mission and purpose

How to find your Life´s mission and purpose

What is my Mission in Life? Why are we born into this world?

Questions we ask ourselves. And most of the time we don’t find the answer.

After listening to this speech about our (limited) time I drew this image that combines the 3 aspects: Time – Our Life`s purpose and the Answer.


Our time is limited. So shouldn`t we use it wisely?!

But how can we use it wisely? Only if we know our WHY.

Questions we need to answer

Why are we born into this world? What is my life`s mission?

I was struggling with these questions since I was a teenager. Actually, the first time I remember being aware of the big question was when first being aware of death. That was at the age of 7 or 8.

Back then we were living in Argentina and I was playing in my room when it struck me. “My parents will die at any given moment. I will die at any given moment.”

Shocked I tried to make sense of everything. But could not. So the only thing I could do was continue with my life and challenge it in any possible way.

When I was 19 years old (and survived puberty) I started to become interested in meditation. And I went for a whole month to a Zen monastery in the mountains.

There I found my WHY.

The moment of truth

My Why is Awareness. It is the only thing you can do in this present moment. Anything else will come by itself.

Awareness of the mind, of your cravings, your wishes, your suffering and fears. Seeing through it will allow you to live in harmony. Not searching anymore. You have everything already. Your mission? Don’t look for it. It will come to you. Just let go of it. As it is just another desire.

Train your mind to be as the blue sky. Clouds will always come and go. But if you focus on the ever clear sky above it, you will see true happiness and the search for the why has been completed.

  1. Randy says:

    Completely agree with this, my experiences have been similar. It’s a surprising progression. At some point you realize that success and getting what you want won’t make you happy. Then it becomes obvious to have a direct goal of learning how you want to be and why. When I first learned about the Buddhist notion of grasping causing pain it made no sense. Then it made sense logically. Now I understand at a gut level that grasping actually does equal pain (surprise!). A meditation practice is hard to start. It is difficult to sit still without doing anything. After some time when the conscious observer begins to separate emotions start flaring up, but in a controlled (observed 🙂 way. This can be scary. For me I would cry uncontrollably at random times (even out in public), feeling a range of emotion (including joy). That has passed and now I look forward to my meditation session at the start of every day. 1 hour passes quickly. It is completely relaxing and fantastic practical insights abound (I know they are not the best goal to seek, are the sign of an early practitioner, but I’m thankful for them anyway). Life has become so much better. I am less selfish and enjoy practically everything. Sensations are more vibrant, full. Time passes gracefully. I think I’m at step ~4 out of the 10 Ox Herding steps; after ~6 years of meditation (slow learner, but at this point I enjoy it so much I don’t care how long the journey takes ^.^). It is completely worth it and I am so glad to see this website with the thoughtfully written blog posts sharing your experiences. Completely legit based on what I’ve experienced. Thank you and I sincerely hope you inspire others towards this path!

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