“The magic happens outside your comfort zone”

be brave

“The magic happens outside your comfort zone”

Says CEO Paul Cash. The advice is for marketers, “take risks”. But why not advise it to everybody?!

Someone insulted you, someone treated you in an unjust way. You feel that you are being hurt and would like to wash that feeling away. Run away, hide, get rid of that sensation of discomfort, uneasiness.

Don’t! Inhale your fear, your anger, your jealousy. That unpleasant emotion that waits for you in your breaks, in your moments of solitude and meditation. Accept it. When the thought comes, well it’s there but it will go away. New experiences will overwrite the old ones and so on. Important is to trust. Get in a room, turn the music on and let it all out. Or do sports and sweat it out. Get over it. It won’t be the first, nor the last problem in your life. But if everything throws you back like this, then you are on the wrong path.

Imagine someone gives you a present. If you do not accept it, the present will remain with that other person. The same thing happens with uneasy emotions. If a person screams at you, wanting to give you this unpleasant present, don’t let negative emotions disturb you. Accept that you will have thoughts and emotions related to situations. But then move on. Focus on the positive. Be strong. Love and create a self-empowering mantra that you repeat to yourself whenever those negative thoughts arise.

“Move on”

“You are strong” – “I’m strong”

“I can do it”

“I love life”

“Take risks”

“Embrace the unknown”


  1. Silvia says:

    hi liebs, du warst mal wieder produktiv!!! was ich nicht ganz verstehe ist die relation zwischen dem “gift” und den “emotions”. vielleicht ist der vergleich nicht ganz schlüssig??? drück dich liebes, mams

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