Top 10 Trending Topics in the World

This is an amazingly beautiful peacock

I’m just listening to True Colours from Eva Cassidy…(kinda cheesy, but when you’re in the right mood it’s sooo touching.) And checking out the most trending topics 2017 around the globe on Google. It’s funny that top 1 is How to make slime but the #10 is How to lose belly fat fast Whoooot?! WTF? As if there wouldn’t be any more important things to care about like “How to lose 100 kilos in a day”. Something useful.

No instead we’re missing out on the Holy Trinity: Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health.

Physical Health: Taking care of your body, how you treat yourself. Enough sleep, the stuff you consume. How much you look after your unique precious vehicle. And not the superficial part. The body health. Are you healthy? Do you feel well? If not what do you need to change?

Mental Health: Don’t stress. There is nothing to stress about. Isn’t that wonderful? Train the mind. Challenge yourself. Reward yourself. Be yourself. Explore your limits. Be mindful and mindless. Find the mental balance.

Spiritual Health: Don’t think of it as the Yogi tea quotes. I find them often lame and just cliche. That’s why I like to repurpose them.

  • E.g. from “Love yourself” I would say “Love yourself and love your toenails”. Because toenails are really 99% disgusting, meaning if you truly can love them then you are all good and 100% compassionate.
  • Or instead of “Be proud of who you are” I would say “be proud of what you do”. Because that is what really defines you. And you can change it at any given moment.

Anyway, Spiritual Health can be anything that helps you to explain your worldview, may it be science, religion, any spiritual practice, your kid or just enjoying life as it is without needing a further “meaning”.

Wouldn’t it be meaningful if the top 1 search would be “How to help others to … (and I’m not saying to lose weight :p).” Let’s see what 2018 will bring…


Oh yeah and then it comes to this beautiful image, a 77-year-old Japanese meditation master sent me. And he said that peacocks are just like lotuses. Rising and blooming above the mud to achieve enlightenment. The feathers of the peacock symbolize the ceiling of heaven, and the “eyes” the stars. It symbolizes all-seeing knowledge.

In this sense, the beauty lives within you. It just has to blossom from the inside out.