Since 2009 I developed a daily mindfulness routine that has helped me to navigate better internal and external situations popping up in my life.

Here are some resources that can help you to find your practice as well.

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MEDITATION is a powerful tool for many things.

It helped me to deal with fears, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, anger, non-acceptance.

On the positive effects, I gained patience, a lot of patience. Acceptance, love, harmony and peace, among others.

Nirwana or not?

Here is a collection of my favourite resources. Hope this helps you to get started or deepen your practice.

The Headspace App is perfect for 5-10 min daily meditations

With Sadhguru you can get a little more intensity.

Either his videos or his meditation practise Isha Kriya will open your horizon to the infinite possibilites out there.

If you are interested in the Japanese meditation ZEN, I recommend you to read these instructions. This is where I spend 1-month training with Monks in the Zen Mountain Monastery in 2009.

If you wish to learn more about Buddhism and Meditation, this is one of my favourite teachers: Gil Fronsdal